Over the past couple years, readers have identified a number of mistakes that unfortunately made it through the edit cycles for Active Directory, 4th Ed. O’Reilly recently launched a process by which authors can make updates to the source files that they use to produce eBooks and print conventional paper books on demand. I took advantage of this a few weeks ago and I resolved all of the errata which were reported as well as a couple I found myself. Here’s the quick summary on where the updated text can be found:

Print Copies - If you’ve bought a print copy, you’ll need to look at the notes I made on the errata page. However, as O’Reilly is now doing print on demand for this title, the updates will trickle out into the supply chain over time and newly purchased books will be updated. Obviously this timeline is highly dependent on how much inventory is sitting in warehouses.

eBooks - If you bought any of the various eBook formats O’Reilly offers in their web store – PDF, mobi, and ePub – then you’ll be able to login to your account and pull an updated copy down. I’m told you will also be getting an email sometime soon (if it hasn’t gone out already) notifying you of this as well. If you purchased the book for Kindle from Amazon, Amazon doesn’t have a mechanism to push updated content to your Kindle, so you won’t get an update. This also applies if you bought the book for iPhone/iPad from the Apple bookstore. The iPhone/iPad “app” version of the book is also not going to get updated due to the shift to the native Apple Bookstore.